Presentation – IVU

IVU Umwelt GmbH has been active in the field of air quality for more than 30 years. In 1986, a branch of IVU GmbH was opened to deal with the modelling of environmental data for meteorology, air, noise and water. The branch became independent in its current form as IVU Umwelt GmbH in 1999 as a management buy out.

In addition to consulting services in the field of air quality, the core competencies of IVU Umwelt GmbH include the development and use of models, compilation of emission inventories, development and implementation of software solutions, integration of models in geographical information systems (GIS), use of GIS technologies for modelling, and analysis, processing and presentation of measurement data and statistics. For example, IVU Umwelt GmbH has for many years been developing and marketing the IMMIS product family for modelling vehicle induced emissions and for dispersion modelling at various spatial scales.

IVU Umwelt GmbH also conducts fundamental studies and expert reports on various issues in environmental planning, such as quantification of emissions, calculation of noise and air pollutant loads, scenario and forecast calculations, evaluations of measures with regard to air quality, and statistical data analyses.

In connection with the modelling of air quality and the development of models, IVU Umwelt intensively handels large quantities of data, e.g. meteorological data, emission data or air quality data in various spatial and temporal aggregation levels.

Furthermore, IVU Umwelt performs modelling with the chemical transport model RCG. So far, the federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Lower Saxony have been modelled with resolutions of approx. 500 x 500m².

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